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New Book: Demystifying Hospice

Demystifying Hospice: Inside the Stories of Patients and Caregivers.

Publication: October 2018

Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

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When I make something  happen, 

or when something happens to me, 

I want to write about it.

 Sometimes it comes out a poem, usually  free verse, or an essay, or amazingly--two  books, and plans for a memoir.

I read & write about people, places, events,  travels, hospice, end-of-life care   and reflections.


My purpose in blogging is two-fold:  The newest blog will share my passion of helping folks know about and be comfortable using palliative (comfort) care and hospice.

The "Cultural Adventures" blog is about places I've been.  You can click on countries or things like "culture" & you'll see a list of those  things--or you can start at the beginning, which is at the oldest post, and follow my travels as they happened. Travel writing is an adventure in itself.  


So far I've visited Australia . Belgium   Canada . Egypt . Dubai  France . Germany .Great   Britain . Honduras . Hong Kong . India . Israel . Italy . Japan Lichtenstein .Mexico . New Zealand . Singapore . Switzerland . Tahiti . Taiwan Thailand and The Republic of the Philippines, where we lived for 3 years.

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